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We currently manage over 100 web stores/portals on behalf of our clients, ranging from traditional company stores to complex uniform portals. Our web stores are designed to provide a retail experience to the user, featuring online functionality that customers have become accustomed to.

From online e-commerce stores with worldwide locations, to pop-up shots and more, we will develop and implement the perfect solution for your brand.


Leaderpromos Agency focuses on user-experience first and foremost. Users enjoy easy navigation, crisp photography, detailed item descriptions, online chat, product reviews, real time reporting, NPS scoring and confirmation/tracking emails. In addition to our robust front end experience, an equally important emphasis is applied to the back end of our web stores to ensure transparency, reporting and analytics, which are all critical to the ongoing health of the program. Customers have real time access to a number of key dashboards, including the ability to drill down to the smallest details of an individual order.

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Centralized Platform

Leading edge technology that manages custom objectives and multiple stores for all corporate needs

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Detailed, real-time data that’s completely customizable and drives strategic decision-making to reduce costs and boost productivity

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Flexible & Customized

Site content can be changed quickly for updating and special events – tailored specifically to your needs

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Your store is made compatible with your company’s accounting and management systems

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Proprietary systems are PCI compliant & certified, managed by IT professionals and protected with ongoing testing and dual server redundancy

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Field Sales Connectivity

Using today’s prime platforms, your web needs are tailored, hosted and managed for your specific needs


Online stores are an extension of your brand and provide marketing strategies to reach employees and customers 24/7. Leaderpromos Agency has the capability to custom design and manage stores based on your brand’s specific wants and needs. We manage the process from start to finish, making sure that your store delivers results and a hassle-free experience.

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Uniform Stores

Employees will have one easy ordering source with size charts, brand-approved styles and spending parameters for each employee

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Pop Up Stores

Support time-specific initiatives or events for your company with inventoried and non-inventory items and many payment options

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Motivate employees with an incentive store that features tiered products for various corporate levels

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Customer Loyalty

Your store is made compatible with your company’s efforts to reward valued customers – both listeners and advertisers

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Recognition & Reward

Increase retention and engagement by recognizing accomplishments and years of service with high-end, name-brand items and custom awards

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Health & Wellness

Increase employee engagement in your company’s health and wellness offerings with a store that incentivizes participation

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Reward customers, clients or employees with points! Use any point-to-dollar ratio for your custom points store

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Make performance goals and expectations top-of-mind using an interactive platform for employees and administrators


From design that prioritizes the customer experience to robust back-end features for advanced functionality, our commitment to industry leading technology solutions keeps you ahead of the game. A few of our most popular store features include:

  • Retail experience
  • API configuration
  • Single sign on authentication
  • Wish list for future shopping or sharing
  • Low-to-no inventory options
  • Live customer chat
  • Group buy
  • Mobile & tablet responsiveness
  • Multiple payment options
  • Order history
  • Shipping integrations to UPS, USPS, Fedex
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Related item recommendations
  • Product ratings
  • Live admin mode

Leaderpromos Agency has a system of protection measures and protocols that protects our web stores from being hacked or entered by unauthorized personnel. We maintain a firewall to protect consumer data, and are PCI compliant, protecting and encrypting cardholder data transmission and restricting internal access to data by a need-to-know basis.


Leaderpromos Agency’s goal is to provide data that not only clearly illustrates how the program is performing but also helps to facilitate future planning. Our core areas of focus include transactional reporting, statistical reporting, analytical reviews and individual user based reporting. Our systems generate reports and graphics to include the data you need in a format that is useful to you.