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Interactive Print Design

ADP - Meeting Of Minds Mailer
ADP - Meeting Of Minds Mailer
ADP - Meeting Of Minds Mailer
ADP - Meeting Of Minds Mailer
ADP - Meeting Of Minds Mailer

Each Spring, ADP brings together the top minds in the industry and hosts “ADP Meeting of the Minds” (ADP MOTM), one of the most important educational and networking events of the year. They called on the Leaderpromos Agency to concept and design a save-the-date mailer for the event.

The agency knew the mailer needed to not only inform recipients, but also be as inspirational and creative as the people who would receive it. The result was an interactive design that visually represented the innovative and insightful creativity ADP MOTM is known for.


The custom mailer used a folding-panel design to create three distinct sections:

1. The first flap lifted to reveal ADP’s vibrant blue geometric pattern, which continues onto the next panel.

2. Beneath the second flap is the center panel that includes details about the date and location for the event next to the Top 3 reasons for attending ADP MOTM. The recipient can clearly see the “what,” where,” “when,” and “why” all at once.

3. When the final flap is lifted, the recipient finds a custom die-cut pocket made from ADP’s geometric pattern. Inside the pocket is a small informational brochure with details and information for the event. On the next panel, a custom die-cut window in the shape of a brain holds a letter from ADP’s president and a gift voucher.


Every piece of the mailer was thoughtfully designed to engage the reader, from the red card within the brain-shaped custom die-cut window that, when pulled, revealed a colorful networking of lines that brought the brain “to life,” to the brochure’s vibrant and colorful palate that conveyed excitement and energy. The use of bright colors, intricate patterns, and unique die cuts reinforced the creative information, networking, and innovative solutions that make ADP MOTM such a monumental event.