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Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Behavioral Health Center

Nationwide Children’s Hospital was celebrating the launch of a brand new state-of-the-art Behavioral Health Pavilion. They wanted to coordinate their specific events by providing cohesive messaging and on-brand items while ensuring that each event had a unique offering.


Leaderpromos Agency collaborated closely with multiple departments, including marketing, the foundation, the gift shop, the behavioral health team, public relations, and outside consultants. We also worked with our delivery team to overcome obstacles, such as white-glove delivering the large shipments to a building that was still under construction, didn’t have a loading dock, and was not yet staffed. Members of our team even conducted site visits to oversee progress and be available if any issues arose.

Through coordinated efforts and close collaboration with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the agency provided custom items that not only celebrated the launch but also engaged the community, donors, employees, and patients.