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Celebrating Employees' Life Events

In an effort to improve employee retention, Safelite reached out to the Leaderpromos Agency to find a solution that would keep employees happy, engaged, and less likely to be lured away by another company.

The agency identified that Safelite agents in the field weren’t receiving the same one-on-one connection or reinforcement as those in the corporate environment. This put them at a higher risk of being disengaged. Therefore, we sought a strategy to reach these employees and let them know that they were appreciated without overwhelming Safelite’s internal resources, adding head count, or dramatically increasing the budget.

We decided to focus on key milestones that occurred both annually and throughout an employee’s career that Safelite could recognize with appreciation gifts: the “Memorable Moments” program.

Annual events like employee anniversaries or birthdays could be automatically fulfilled. More unique events, like getting married or having a baby, would need to be triggered manually but could be fulfilled automatically once triggered.

We utilized demographics to help us choose gifts that employees would genuinely appreciate and custom designed the packaging. Gifts are sent directly to an employee’s home to reinforce the “From our family, to yours” sentiment.

Aside from receiving rave reviews from employees, another marker of the program’s success is that Safelite has not lost a single person to another company since Memorable Moments launched in 2017.