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Lilly Pulitzer Loyalty Gifts

Unique Gifts for a Unique Brand


Did you know it was a happy accident that led Lilly to found her iconic brand over 60 years ago? In fact, the fashion line that would revolutionize resort wear forever actually started out as a juice stand.

In 1959, Lilly was looking for a new passion project. Her husband owned several citrus groves in Palm Beach, and she decided to start squeezing fresh juice to sell. Her business was an instant hit.

However, the process made a mess of her clothes. That’s when Lilly asked her dressmaker to design a spill-proof dress that would hide stains. The result: bright and colorful printed shift dresses she could wear at her stand.

Right away, her customers started asking about the unique dresses. Lilly decided to offer them for sale at her stand, and before long, she was selling more shift dresses than juice. That’s when Lilly Pulitzer as we know it was born.

To this day, Lilly Pulitzer embodies the rule-breaking, sun-following, bohemian spirit that has always defined the brand. Every product they release must be authentically Lilly while continuing to appeal to new generations.


The Leaderpromos Agency understood the importance of fully immersing ourselves in the Lilly Pulitzer brand. We needed to find a way to increase sales and reach new audiences while remaining authentic to the spirit of Lilly, we landed on a Gift With Purchase (GWP) program to enhance customer loyalty.

Utilizing our strong supplier relationships, we worked with Lilly’s print designers to create custom promotional products that spoke to Lilly Pulitzer’s audience. The unique gifts would surprise and delight shoppers while blending seamlessly with the existing in-store and online collections.

The GWP programs both drove sales and increased the average dollar spend per customer while embodying Lilly Pulitzer’s bright, bold, and carefree spirit. We are proud to say that the successful development of many programs has led to a long-term partnership between our agency and this iconic brand.